- Benefits of private domain registration

Private registration is now available with selected Stor-Sec domains. But what does private registrationactually mean, and what are the benefits of selecting it for your domains? Essentially, private registration offers an extra layer of online anonymity and provides enhanced protection for your personal details and improved security on the Internet.


How private domain registration works

When registering a top-level domain like or, the domain name registrant is required to provide their personal or business details (name, postal address, e-mail address, phone number, etc.). These details are then publically available via a WHOIS database that contains information on registered domains.

With private registration, the registrant’s details are replaced with anonymized data (e.g. their hosting provider) to act as a middleman between the customer and the WHOIS database. This way, the domain registrant’s name and address are not freely accessible by any third parties – instead, only generic company details are available to other Internet users.

Advantages of extra privacy

By signing up for domain privacy, the customer ensures that their personal data is not automatically released on the WHOIS database. This makes them less of a target for spam e-mails and cold calls from third parties who otherwise may have gained access to contact details. Hackers may rely on personal information when conducting online attacks, so restricting access to contact data can help to reinforce website security. The risks from other forms of online abuse, such as fraud and identity theft, are also reduced even further.

Any individual who values privacy and wishes to strictly limit the exposure of their contact information should consider private registration. For companies, private registration can be valuable as a means to eliminate spam and unsolicited calls, freeing up time to focus on day-to-day business.

How to activate private domain registration

When registering a new domain with Stor-Sec, private registration can be easily activated for selected domains during the order process – just select ‘Recommended: Register your eligible domain(s) privately!’ in the Customer Details section.

For domains that have already been registered with Stor-Sec, simply activate private registration in the Stor-Sec Control Panel under ‘Edit Domain Settings’. After around 24 hours, the WHOIS database should be updated with anonymous information.



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