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VTEM skitter

High data security

VTEM skitter

highly qualified staff

VTEM skitter

24 hour data access

VTEM skitter

Uninterrupted power supply

VTEM skitter

high volume data storage

VTEM skitter

modern high-tech equipment

Servers Configurations


100 mbps
CPU 16 cores, RAM 128 GB, 10 TB disc space


500 mbps
CPU 48 cores, RAM 256 GB, 50 TB disc space


1 gbps
CPU 128 cores, RAM 1 TB, 500 TB disc space

Why choose us?

We work with legal entities only. We provide placement of information on our cloud servers and protection from network attacks (DDOS, etc.). We offer an opportunity to self-select options also.

Protection Solutions

We also offer an effective system of protection of your data on the network.Read more